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Before confused chaos ensues, let's get one thing straight:
CrazyJim is CrazyJiMMIII is JiMMIII is Jim is G'im is Commander Spleen is Stephen J. Currie.
Each of these names, among others, may be used interchangeably to refer to the owner of this site.

That said...

G'im is an avid Keener, and has been for over ten years. In August of 2003, after discovering a wonderful land of other Keeners, and seeing the amazing things they were coming up with, he simply had to jump in and give modding a try.

As such, this website has been constructed to keep the world up to date on the goings on of G'im's projects. As time has progressed, it has begun to grow into a conglomeration of Commander Spleen's general Keen related stuff.


>Commander Spleen


Announcements (Archive)

01.06.04 6.5 Months!!
Where did that time go!? Well, over the past week or two I've been omnitasking my way through a few projects. A nice pile of ideas built up for Monky Business which have since been modded in, and the final details of my secret project 'Operation: Coffee Break' are coming together; no new screens for CK:MB, and no download for O:CB as yet--this update's just to refresh the site a bit.
So, what is new? A bunch of ideas sheets from CK:MB, and a Monky drawing, for starters, along with a few new links to Keen stuff I've been involved in this year. Enjoy.
The community has evolved significantly this year, most markedly through the release of Modkeen 2.0--enabling modification of CK4-6 (not Dreams as yet, despite KeenRush's little April Fool's prank >:' ).

Random Stuff

Keen Minibeast
My 1GHz puter (referred to here and ... somewhere else I can't locate at present) has been Keenomaticised.

A Stray Sketch
This was something I drew early last year when I was messing around with ideas for a 3D Keen game.

Level Design
Xky poses a few questions about balancing out a level.

Graphical Talk
K:Mers discuss what makes for memorable graphics.

TUIT: Your Name Here
"What would you name Keens 7-9 in the TUIT trilogy?" Need I say more?

Operation: Coffee Break
My secret project.
References: Sound Creation Sprite Movement Victor4k's Taunt
It'll be released When It's Done

Chain Story II
We're at it again. Watch the lunacy and Bjorking madness ensue!

ModKeen 2.0!
The most tasty release this year besides Keen Null! Certainly making my life easier when it comes to O:CB ;).

Colour Theory
This subject seems to be quite a popular one of late. And indeed a useful one to be discussing.

Chain Story
RoboBlue decided to start a chain story on the PCKB. It's bordering on insanity, but not quite there yet.
(update Dec13) Ok... it's gone beyond insane. This is one wacky story.
01.06.04 It's finished! Read it here!

Ice Launchers
We at Keen: Modding attempt to find novel ways to use the Ice Launchers in Keen1.

Level Design Technique
K:Mers attempt to unravel the mysteries of good mod design.

60 Years
An intriguing discussion on the PCKB about where the community (and the world in general) will be 60 years from now.

What The Universe Is Toast Should Be Like
I was exploring the PCKB the other day and suddenly decided I should write down some ideas I had regarding a new Keen engine. Imagination running overtime lately (hell, I've even been playing Invisible Holographic 3D Tic Tac Toe, Battleships, and Chess-With-A-Second-Layer-Of-Pawns against people lately).

The Map That Could Have Been (And May Yet Be)
This is a scanned image of the Keen6y map I began working on when first trying to put together ideas for a Keen1 mod. It could be interesting for a future mod... maybe when I start work on Isometric Keen or something.

Downloads (added 08.12.03)

Keen5 GIF Font
In creating Victor's Clapstatic Keen, I needed a red version of the Keen4 font (which I found on the Keen Vault)... so I went through and changed all the characters in Photoshop from blue to red. Here's the final product for anyone who needs it.

Planned/Suggested Projects

"Cave Assectatorem Ductoris Alacris" Latin-SGA Front Yard Sign
(Beware the Commander Keen Fan!)
Woo! Thanks Mr. Durdin!

Flexible Platform Engine
Using the Global Array extension for TGF (soon to be ported to Dynamic Array 2), Spleen managed to form the early stages of the Spleengine.
Download Demonstration

Bean-With-Bacon Mega Shooter
A side-scrolling shoot-em-up featuring Keen's interstellar mode of transportation.
It seems I've post-empted Xtraverse's idea: Online BWB Game
I shall nonetheless endeavour to produce my own twist on the theme.

Isometric Keen
Based in TGF. First steps toward a Keen engine described here. Scheduled after BWBMS.

Current Project
Keen Community Mod

Keen Community Mod
Combining the creative forces of the Keen community to create a Keen mod.
Official discussion area is located at Andrew Durdin's Keen: Modding forum.
Join in the amusement!

So far it sounds like we're using the Keen3 engine and sending Keen back to Gnosticus IV, between the Shadowlands and the city area. Keen4ish graphics shall abound, and we're doing the best we can to push the limits of the game engine (some pretty classy patching developments have taken place over the past week).

29.09.03 Well, much more has happened since the above was written. We're now creating a Trilogy, beginning just to the East of the Shadowlands, continuing through an underground Gravitium-type-substance (allowing manipulation of gravity and time, as well as having a consciousness of its own) mine, then into the floating city housing the Oracle.
It's gonna be an absolutely incredible mod, and I certainly can't wait to play it!
22.11.03 Progress continues to crawl along. A couple of new takes on the map, some general discussion about various aspects of the game... but that's about it.

Current Project (Archived Information)
Commander Keen: Monky Business
Episode 1: An Essence of Mayhem

This project is a mod for Commander Keen 1, and is G'im's first official Commander Keen mod.

Story (
updated 08.12.03)
Commander Keen is sent on a mission to retrieve a number of artifacts stolen from a world known as Dinu, on which live a race of orb-like energy beings who call themselves Dinu'u. The survival of the Dinu'u is dependent upon the Essence Delimiter Flux, a machine that manufactures 'essence', an ethereal substance of which the Dinu'u are composed. Without the stolen artifacts, the machine cannot operate.

A society of zealous monks known as Garthurians, driven by religious beliefs instilled in their planet over the past few millennia by a megalomaniacal Shikadi who calls himself Hector, are responsible for the disappearance of the Flux components. In addition, entire continents of Dinu'u population have been captured so that their essence can be extracted.

The artifacts and captured Dinu'u have been hidden away on Garthuria, a world shrouded in mystery, said to be the origin of many of the most infamous crimes recorded in intergalactic history.

Security is tight, but Keen discovers he can disguise himself as one of the lower monks and not be noticed as easily. The more advanced Garthurians will still see through this disguise, of course, so Keen will still need to be careful.

These beings are powerful, and have terrorised the galaxy for much of the current age. But never before have they matched wits with...

Defender of the Galaxy

In his disguised ship, the Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket, Keen dispenses galactic justice with an essence-charged hand.

June 01, 2004, 2:24pm (Repair conducted June 03, 2004)
No new screens today, but I've added in some scans of my ideas sheets that have built up over the course of this year, along with some from last year I hadn't scanned.
FIXED: Monky Battle
Bits & Pieces: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10

December 13, 2003, 2:30am
After some intensive play testing by Monty (Mr. E. Leg) and Victor, it was finally decided that the levels I was creating were far too insanely unplayable. The traps I was creating were too cramped for what they really were, and without enough of a break in between--the player was either always on his toes, or forever without them. So, I've evoled my technique, and I'm glad to say that the levels feel like they're flowing much better. The traps are still very similar, but I've allowed space and tried to minimise traps that require perfect timing on a consistent basis.
I'm very happy with the way the map is working out. The shards (keycards) proved a problem initially, as with the 'Keep Keycards After Level Exit' patch, Keen still keeps any keycards collected up until his death. So I've adopted an unlikely idea suggested by Xky on the Keen:Modding forum, namely placing all the keys and all the doors in the level at the start. I'm surprised at how well the game still flows with this wacky security measure in place. It will hopefully not be necessary in the final release, though, as the patch will likely be modified yet.
The way my original levels were going, I decided I needed to put in a bonus level for the player to visit every now and then when the frustration became too much (yes, I would have killed me too). But the in-level teleporter that leads back to the world map kept crashing the game due to a conflict with the map-doors patch. Fortunately, I managed to improvise and created a really neat solution--bonus level doorways. It's more or less a matter of taking a few steps, walking through a doorthat takes the 'Trippy Shard', and exiting off the other side of the screen (no visible exit door). This means that Keen has to sacrifice his beloved Trippy Shard in order to continue on the map. In these levels, though, are alternate paths which can lead to extra lives. The demo will feature three or four of these. It's incredible how they maintain the flow of gameplay.
I've got a rather amusing title screen design now, too (possibly the most brilliant idea that's ever hit me in the head). Whether it will turn up in the demo or if you'll have to wait until the full release I'm not sure as yet, though. And I'm not giving anything away about it yet.
Man, it feels great to be back in the flow again. I'd keep going all morning, but I've pledged myself to helping out my grandma on here computer and then disappearing into Victor's lounge room for some insane projector-style X-Box Halo playage with some other JimSoftians. I'll be back with some trippy new stuff soon!

Oh, the evilness... >:)
I may include levels like this every now and then... optional, of course. It's incredible the adrenaline rush while trying to get through those perfect-timing traps. >:)

December 08, 2003, 1:20am
Woo. This has been a satisfyingly exhausting week. The enemies are complete, map-Keen now has his monk robe, there's a semi-transparent levitate effect in place, the ice launcher problem is solved, the Most Essential list is in place, and I have even more diabolical plans in mind for the rest of the mod. I've trashed the idea of Keen4+ style level graphics, as I can do a hell of a lot more with the Keen1-3 approach. Similarly trashed are the ground tiles shown last update. They started to make me nauseous, so I reverted to the original starry rock version. Though, looking back on the screens from my previous update, it seems I handled them quite well in that one level... so I may yet reintroduce them.
Victor put together a working title screen the other day, too. Though I won't use it as is, it certainly helps define what I want to do with the title.
I'm definitely liking the new 'levitate' (pogo) effect (dark grey opacity silhouette), and the essence conversion launchers, turning Keen into a 16x16 sprite, are entirely satisfying and offer even more freedom when it comes to designing traps (it's amazing where you can go when you're only one tile high). Map doors are going to be quite fun indeed... so look forward to some trippy intricacies.
We'll see what happens with a pre-Keen Awards demo. I'm still far from happy with my current selection of level tiles--many more need to be developed to suit my plans.

Among the changes to come
(and changes that have come) are:
 o All new enemies (
Interrogators, Instigators, Garthurian Monks, Lower Monks)
Keen wearing a Monk robe (to 'blend in')
o A less-cool-than-I-hoped jumping effect
o A much-more-trippy-than-I'd-anticipated levitation effect
o Many, many, many insanely tripped out levels
Some classy interactive map elements
o Wacky stuff you've never seen in a Keen mod before
o The worm sprite featured on this site (due to UNFLEEXABLE demand)
o Insane new features far beyond the scope of the original Keen trilogy!

Who knows what's gonna happen after this mod? Keep watching and see what evolves...


>Commander Spleen