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Here are some insane things I've come across in my Keening travels that seem not to have been mentioned specifically anywhere else. I'm not usually one to go searching for things like this, but recently they've simply been making themselves apparent. So I've taken some screens and posted them here for your bemusement.


>Commander Spleen

Wacky Stuff

Added December 10, 2003

What began as a test-run of the Impossible Bullet Trick so I could write convincingly about it in a PCKB Chain Story, all sorts of trippy effects started making themselves apparent. Here, and fun, they be.

Nospike No-Brainer
Don't ask how... it just happened... several times... in several different places... for no apparent reason.

Improbable Bullet
Launching Keen into a roof with a vacant space next to it causes him to move toward said vacant space.

This one I included just 'cos it looks weird.

It took me ages--and several levels--to get this one just right. (Impossible Bullet onto an enemy).

Guard Post Fun
Apparently, the floor beneath the doorway in Guard Post 1 is a pass-through block...

Guard Post Screwed
Warning: Wet Cement" -TMST

Impossible Blooglet Trick
Getting pushed by a blooglet in midair is fun. I've combined two incomplete sequences here, so the bloog ends up all over the place. So sue me.

Flagged Down

The K flags in Keen6 turn up in front of the scorebox.

Politically Incorrect (*dies from bad pun*)
Victor showed me this one. Apparently, the green sloped roof in Keen5 thinks it's a pole.


>Commander Spleen