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Since the screenshots are growing in number, I decided I should archived them to save everyone from wading through six thousand images to get to the four they want.


>Commander Spleen


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Commander Keen: Monky Business
Episode 1: An Essence of Mayhem

Added August 21

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Added September 28, 2003

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Other artwork:
Added August 27

Added September 09
Original drawing of the above image

Development work:
Added September 09
Basic tile design
Character design

November 22, 2003, 4:06pm
Heh... so much for a beta version. At this point, I've been distracted by other projects, such as rebuilding/updating parts of the JimSoft Lair, trying to sort out the Shedquarters again, and working on a number of Dukematch levels.
Progress has been so gradual that I hadn't even noticed I'd made any until I decided to put in some work on this site today. 9 new screens, covering a new font and colours, a new level, and the beginnings of a Keen4+ish map style.
This mod is really unpredictable, so I'm not going to attempt to predict what will happen next. Let's just say that if I create a beta, it will turn up here, and if I complete the mod before the start of the Keen awards, you'll all know about it, because I'll have gone insane from disbelief and will be posting all sorts of "*rocks back and forth, shaking, muttering, 'Must finish Keen mod... must finish Keen mod...'*" type posts at the PCKB.
Last minute change during upload: New artwork! Though it's not specifically designed as part of Commander Keen: Monky Business, it shows the sort of thing I'm trying to achieve with this mod. Oh, and the M was purely accidental. In fact, the most specific aim I had for this image was not to let it have anything to do with Mortimer McMire... so much for that...

September 28, 2003, 8:40pm
It's been an interesting 19 days... I haven't made nearly as much progress on the mod as I'd hoped, distracted by random social gatherings and the preparation of my own party this past week (which went down reasonably entertainingly... though I'm now one amplifier down after some failed Take Me Away karaoke by about four people at full volume--thanks TMST!! :P)
Anyway, I've been making use of an idea we were discussing on the Keen: Modding forum (A twist for collection)--using pogo tiles to hide secret passages. Well, I took the idea a lot further to enable the creation of gigantic mazes and tiles that turn into platforms when Keen hits them.
There's a lot of new artwork, in particular the Essence Pools, where the Garthurians store essence stolen from other unfortunate races, and the Extractors often found beneath them. I also put together a map tileset. I may yet change the setting from the Garthurian Orbital Monastery to another location, or else I'll use those map tiles for Episode Two.
And with all these patches Andrew's pumping out, a lot more ideas are forming once more. There's so much that can be done with the Keen1 engine now, and there's more underway (as well as a hint that some form of top secret Keen4-6 utility/project is in progress). Up to 30 levels, doors on the map, keycards that can be kept after exiting a level, and all sorts of other little patches that just increase freedom in modding that much more. Woohoo!
Also, a lot of Duke Nukum has been played by me over the past week, and I'm rediscovering some tricks of the trade regarding level development, so hopefully my levels will be particularly enthralling and challenging.
Well, as for the beta, time will tell. Sooner or later, time will tell.
And with that I'll stop. I seem to have lapsed back into the habit in some past posts and in general discussion of divulging too much of my future plans, and when I do that I tend to feel pressured to deliver, and when I feel pressured to deliver, I usually don't. So, let's just see what happens, eh? :)

September 09, 2003, 10:00pm
I redesigned the entire tileset, so now I can do a lot more cool stuff (like items on different backgrounds, jars that can be stood upon, masked columns, and so forth).
This level I didn't put much effort into... it just shows you some of the new stuff. I'm going to devise a whole lot of other tiles and such that I can use... I've only made use of about 170 or so at this point, and there are at least 500 in total that I can use. This oughtta be fun.
I also added some shots of the development stuff I drew on paper leading up to the mod.
There's a lot more patching info Andrew's been coming up with lately that will greatly enhance the end result of this mod. And it sounds like there's more on the way. So expect a massively oversized insanely tripped-out mod!
I'm going back to the drawing board (a wooden clipboard I found last year outside my school's library... it has 'Music Department' written across it somewhere... it gives it character)... err... yeah, back to that to create more tiles, the two remaining enemies, and hopefully the map.
And in the meantime, I'll get started on that beta. :D I'll clean up the front screen and all, build some levels and a small map, copy out the necessary files, compile them and post it all here. Woohee.

September 07, 2003, 5:20am
Early return from party resulted in a five-hour sitting resulting in more than you can see in the new screens!
I had a lot of fun making this level... it features insane Keen6ish bonus areas and annoying little traps... but alas I have a couple of bugs that prevented me from taking more decent screens... so I just took a few random ones to give an indication of what's been done.
I'm definitely on the verge of releasing a beta version, but with a slightly more detailed map than the one shown above.
The monks are finally active, anyway, but occasionally they seem to get themselves stuck to the roof (probably because I made the clipping rectangle change height in some places) and leap from places they're meant to stay (bad level design). Nothing a bit of tweaking can't fix.
There's only one screen of the monk--not nearly enough to give it justice. It turned out a whole lot better than I imagined it would.
Once the problems are fixed, I'll fix up some main-screen art, play-test that level (it's huge and insane), fix up some patching and upload a beta.

September 06, 2003, 4:20am
I think I've scrambled over that wall.. I've replaced the Garg sprites once again. I like these dudes better than the last ones.
I got some rather entertaining screenshots this time round, it seems.
I'm getting the hang of the whole patching scene and using TileInfo... Well, completely rewiring the tiles and installing the monks come next. The next day or so will tell which will come first.

September 01, 2003, 2:30am
I hit a wall for a few days... seems to be the pattern with many of my projects... but I forced myself to get stuck back into drawing up some new sprites... I've been sitting here more or less since about 2pm yesterday... the Yorps and Gargs are now modded... they took way more effort than they should have.
And even still the Gargs may change before the final release (I'm particularly fond of the new Yorps, though).
Next to come will be the Garthurian monk pictured above replacing the Vorticons.
I'm determined to have all the graphics modded by the end of the week so I can get stuck into building the levels. I've got a lot of other ideas I want to put into action, but I know if I start them now this mod will never get finished.
Then comes a beta! Woo!

God mode's cool with this pogo!

August 27, 2003, 4:50pm
I decided I should enter the Character Creation Contest on the PCKB, so I drew up the monks that will feature in CKMB. Whether the shooting sequence will be implemented or not I'm not certain... maybe in Episode II. I don't like the eyes... they look too much like a nose... gonna change that.
The Keen vs Monk scene is based on an image I drew on paper during the initial design phase for this mod (and as such he's not disguised as a monk). You can see in the background what will be the Garthurian orbital monastery, with the BWB parked nearby.

August 27, 2003, 2:10am
Whew. I finally got around to finishing the jump/pogo animations. I couldn't work in the real trippy effects I intended for jumping, but a less magnificent effect is in place for the pogo.
I decided I should fix up a death sequence... I'll likely change it over the course of the mod's development.
I've begun work on the dark levels... they're gonna be quite fun to build...
Next comes Yorp-modding...

August 25, 2003, 2:40am
Making progress on the Keen sprite. Jumping's gonna be fun... *shudders*
Actually... I just had an interesting idea for that... but you'll have to wait for the next lot of screens.
I've been asked to include the worm sprite on this site into the mod... you'll have to wait for the full release to find out where it'll turn up, though.
Ooh, and I drew up the doors and keycards... I thought I'd taken some shots already, but they've only just turned up in these latest ones.

August 22, 2003, 5am
It's getting there.
I changed the background tiles so the levels come off looking a bit cleaner.
I'm nowhere near editing the sprites yet, but another couple of these all-nighters should see the level tiles finshed.
I experimented with the level exit. Gah. There's a glitch in the tile above it... no matter...
The level I used is not one that will feature in the mod (though I'll doubtless design similar ones).

August 21, 2003, 3am
As you can see, there's still much to do. There's a lot on paper that will turn out far better than this, so keep an eye out.


>Commander Spleen