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Archived: Announcements

13.12.03 Not Quite A Demo
Well, as you likely have read, I was hoping to have had a demo release ready by yesterday. It's a good thing I didn't in the end, though--it's evolved incredibly in the past 24 hours. It's inching (and/or footing) closer to completion, though, so don't panic--it's still coming!
8 new screens, and a shot of an incredibly whacked out level that almost set the mould for the rest of the levels (ie. incredibly irritating).

10.12.03 Wacky Keen Stuff!
Oh, the insanity. I was trying out the Impossible Pogo trick when I found some other crazy stuff to do and observe in Keen6. Certainly entertaining.
And there's a Keen5 trick Victor came across some time ago.

JimSoft Day in an hour and a half! Y'all know what that means... ;) As such, NO SCREENS FOR YOU!

08.12.03 What 'Ave We 'Ere?
Wow... that was an interesting couple of days. With Victor's induction into the world of Keen, a lot of ideas have been thrown back and forth here in the Shedquarters. CK:MB has seen dramatic developments because of this, and my general productivity has skyrocketed.
JimSoft day is coming up (Dec11) and so are the Keen Awards, so perhaps I'll release a CK:MB demo or something. We'll just have to wait and see, eh?
It feels great to be back in the swing of modding again, after several months of lagging productivity.

22.11.03 Unpredictable Motivation Record
Argh. As with so many other projects, my Keen mod is suffering from my tendency to throw myself head-long into a project, work insane hours getting it to a particular point, and then suddenly get distracted by other projects. It's been almost two months since my last update. Much has happened in the Keen world, and little has occurred regarding Commander Keen: Monky Business. At least, that's what I thought until I revisited the state of this site today... it seems I've actually made some noteworthy progress and have left it unannounced.
New patches and all sorts of crazy ideas have emerged from the Keen: Modding forums. I've begun brainstorming some new ideas and such, so the next time I find the motivation to get stuck into the mod once more, I'll have some stuff to work with.

29.09.03 Happy Spleen Day 2003!

Well, technically, Spleen Day (that being my 19th Anniversary of Existence) was the 25th, but since I'm only now back here with a new update four days later, I shall make up for it herewith. HAPPY SPLEEN DAY!
Please contribute to the Spleenness by greeting people for the remainder of September with the phrase, "What does your Spleen will today?" Much esteem shall be showered upon you for such an effort. And even more if you perform the patented Spleen Salute (four-finger [or fork] salute from the forehead, two-finger [or fork] salute from the spleen, and five-toe salute from your left shin, simultaneously)!
There's about 3 hours of footage of the Making of the Spleen Day Party, and about an hour or so of the Spleen Day Party itself, shot on location in the JimSoft ShedQuarters, over the past week leading up to the Spleen Day Party yesterday, which may show up on the Insanitarium one day when I find where my damn TV card went.
Woo! And now, stuff...


>Commander Spleen