G'im's Improv Land


In the beginning, there was zero, and there was one. Then there were more.

Jerry is the embodiment of 2, the ironic duality that is binary. It is the boundless land of one insane imagination.

"And G'im spoke! And he said, 'Hear ye me! You are what cannot be otherwise. You are the beyond of my ideas. You are made in the image of my grandest plans. And through you shall there become another, more grander world of light!"
- The Ki'nu (Jeeves 12:43-6)

"Let these be the lost etchings upon the timeless cave wall of lost ideas; the not-so-perfect precursors to the slightly-more-perfect."
- The Ki'nu (Mad Harry -12:21-9);22.'.'.09

The First Day
(Date AD Version

On the first day, G'im was unrested. After countless hours of toiling with an EGA palette in the Paint of Microsoft, he decided his present task was stagnating.

As such, he began Bit-storming ideas that had already been Papyrum-stormed (see Storming Process).

Thus began Jerry.

The Szu'nah ("Blue Mage")
Keeper of the Far Reaches of Jerry, the Blue Magi have been given the gift of Comparison. It is up to the Szu'nai to compare What Is to What Should Be, and intervene accordingly.

Jahai'd ("Unfolder")
The Jahai'du, are endowed with the duty of Experimentation. It is their task to recreate What Is, and evolve What Should Be with each successful Isness.

Svii't ("Mineral Kin", "Statecheckers")
A brotherhood of elementary beings able to take the form of any part of the Land, for any length of time. Their task is to experientially observe the Land and aid the Szu'nah in determining What Should Be.

G'it'zur ("Quasi-komodo", "Leg Determiner")
The first beings to be offered limbs, the Leg Determiners play an important role in paving the way for later Leg-Predominates, and are the Svii't Li'nu ("Keepers of the Mineral Kin"), granting them access to remote locations and expanding What Should Be.

Sni'pii (a la Snoopy) ("Mind Alternator")
The Sni'pia push the limits of understanding, bringing to the Land an understanding of its origins and its nature. These beings are spawned of the Svii't, and as such are temporary means of transferring their kinetic understandings of the Land for interpretation to the Szu'nah.

Sheh'nah ("Red Magi", "Challengers")
As the Szu'nah evolve limbs, another Magi are spawned, this time by the Sni'pii after the Szu'nah become particularly self-righteous, objecting to a number of integral changes that need to take place to What Should Be.

The Sheh'nah become a force of destruction, and bring about a great massacre of the Szu'nah, and many of the Jahai'd. The Svii't become hostile to their Sni'pia after a small group declare themselves Ki'dahvu ("Masters of the Land").

Uun'ah ("The Dome", "The Watchtower")
The Svii't and Szu'nah form an alliance, forging a Jahaivii'ah ("Experimental Comparison") dome, where they are capable of keeping a closer eye on the Land and its chaos now ensuing.
The Svii't specifically create an island in a remote part of the world, where the Sheh'nah will not venture for a long while; at least enough time to form some new beings to aid in their defense.

And thus ended the First Storm. G'im is still unknown to the inhabitors of Jerry, apart from the Sni'pii who have formed a philosophy of G'im that speaks of a Gah'tuee Tah ("World of Digital Polarity"). None is ever put into writing, but the philosophy is used as a lure to attract allies that will defend their Ki'dahva ("Land-Reignancy").