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Victor's Clapstatic Keen
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Yellow. CommanderSpleen here again, constructing yet another site about Commander Keen. This time for Victor, fellow JimSoftian and newcomer to the world of Keen fandom.

I'm liking the wackiness of these crazy ideas Victor's coming up with for Keen. Through his uncanny tendency to 'accidentally' find unusual quirks and bugs in games, and his apparent refusal to bother with details and only focus on what he feels like doing, he's given me a lot of trippy ideas for my own Keen mods.

He was willing to settle for some basic, slapped-together website, but I refuse to put such a website on the JimSoft Lair, so I have created this website to keep track of the happenings of Victor's highly unorthodox (even by my standards) Keening.




05.12.03 Crazy Stuff
Well, now. Lots of new stuff has emerged from Victor since his enterage into the world of Keen (ie. yesterday). He's working on two mods simultaneously--one at the Shedquarters (Snow Worries), and one at home. More information on the former is found below. He has also created an amusing level called Keen Perpetual Motion, which uses an intriguing ice-block elevator shaft system and sets Keen on an indefinite loop. Wacky.


Commander Keen in Perpetual Motion
Well, this one just irritates me. Basically, Keen is on an asteroid... of sorts... which looks... strangely... like a rather whacked out MiniMars. Half the tiles are trippin' on the map, and the ending is still in tact. But it's all worth it just to get stuck on the irritating never-ending ice-block ride (or get frozen indefinitely, or fall into the fire... or something)... the point isn't exactly to finish the level (I don't recommend doing so, either... it's hell... missing map areas and a still in-tact ending sequence from Keen 1). Anyway, make sure you're in the mood for unabridged insanity for this one... logic just won't cut it.


Current Project
Snow Worries

This mod is moderately insane, to say the least. Basically, it stars Keen... crashlanded on some snow planet. Featuring blue Yorps and a ... snowman? I love these additions, but I'm not too fond of the cyan-brown combination in the levels, but, each to his own. I've got no idea what's going through Victor's mind here, but let's just wait and see, eh? In the meantime, 6 screens.