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By Lemur

“Hello Mister Sir,” I said to my maths teacher as I walked into her class late.

“Steven Barry, why are you late?” She Growled

“I had trouble finding the classroom miss” I said.

“Why’s that Mr. Barry?” She asked

“Because I am *Removed by censor* You Mother **Removed by censor** Biatch!” I yelled

“Does that mean your drunk?” She said

“Yes, yes, It does,” I slurred
“Can I have some?” She asked

“Okay,” I said

“Cheers, Big Ears,” She said as she got drunk and took her top off, She slowly motioned for me to join her on her desk where she had mysteriously acquired a few more cocktails. She slowly bent over exposing her ample cleavage to me. I kissed her gently on the cheek as she whispered in my ear “It’s 7am, you’re listening to KBHL FM. Coming up: News and weather then Crazy Bill with the traffic reports.”

I sat bolt upright in bed and cried out, “WHY MUST ALL THE GOOD DREAMS END SO SOON!!!!?”

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